Taking a Break

It’s that time of the year again when the days become shorter and nights longer. People stroll around the city for a chance of getting a hold of those stores which market their products at an extremely low price. Pretty soon, there is no doubt that there will already be people singing Christmas carols while walking around. And those houses around the corner? If you peep inside, you’ll be able to see miniature santas, Christmas lights, hanged mistletoes, Christmas socks, and a Christmas tree with a beautiful angel on top.

If there is one season that would make people stop and take a break, this is it. It is the holiday season. This is why it is not surprising to see some familiar political faces in many of the country’s tourist destinations. We’re not going to name names. Instead, we are going to take this time to promote the places they have been to.

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The existence of the World Wide Web gives way to an easier way to connect with people. All the information is just within one click away, and if you have the internet connection and the search engine, you are good to go wherever you are. The problem however with this “easy access” is that many people can already post anything and everything that confuses what is factual to what is an opinion or worse, a product of one’s imagination. The line between fantasy and reality in the world of news reporting becomes blurred, and misinformation becomes rampant and out of hand. This is most crucial especially to news that may impact the well being of the country as a whole.

In this era when fake news is everywhere, Faits et Causes stands tall in giving you only the latest and most credible news straight from the source. Every news article we publish here are critiqued and thoroughly checked by our in-house editors. We do our own fact-finding before we publish anything relevant, and we are always in search for the best source before we release it. In fact, we have a team that double checks everything even before a write up reaches our editing staff.

Faits et Causes is also composed of veteran journalists in the industry. Each one has a keen attention to details that made them bag awards after awards over the years. They practice honest and ethical news reporting which is important in an industry like this. They are aggressive in bringing you all the bits and pieces you need about the latest issues in the country, and fearless when it comes to hunting out the sources to get it from. In a highly stressful environment such as news reporting, they come up on top. We are composed of only the best among the best at Faits et Causes.

Faits et Causes from time to time also features articles that would help you in your daily life. Now we have extended our coverage to not only politically related but business, and social as well. We feature success stories from people all over the world, useful tips, and entertainment. Want to check out where you could get the best contemporary garage door in Las Vegas, today? Well the answer to that is A1 Garage door service. but if you also want to know where to get the best service for your cars? How about the best vacation spots this holiday season? We have that and more.

The best thing is that you can get our news from anywhere. As long as you have the internet connection, then we got you covered. You can read your news online wherever you are. No bulky newspaper, always up-to-date. That is Faits et Causes for you.

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