Faits et Causes is an online platform that specializes on the release of factual and unbiased news concerning the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches of the government. We are composed of professional and seasoned reporters that have already worked on the different aspects of news reporting for years now. They are trusted and brilliant, with great eyes on details. They are an experienced bunch that is fearless in reporting their findings that caused them to bag many awards over the years.

Faits et Causes is also a also an online news source that produces only the most credible news. This makes it a great source of information for lawmakers, lawyers, professionals, and the society in general. With the emergence of the internet as the primary source of information in this computer age, we make sure to take advantage of it to get only the most truthful news to circulate our audience. We make sure that our analysis includes a detailed approach on the legal aspects and implications that may impact the public.

Our team is composed of meticulously chosen staff who had already made a name in the field of reporting and are looking for another challenge that would further improve their craft. We make sure that they are on board with the values practiced by this company. We make sure that everyone never veers away from the ethical side of news reporting. On the editor’s side, all the news that we release are made sure to pass the technical standards we uphold in the company. We make sure that everything is as flawless and fool-proof as possible. All images that we published are only those brought together by our staff. Plagiarizing and getting ready-made news to spin, and adopting images that are not originally made by us, is definitely a no-no.

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